Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

Hey Y'all!

   This week has just been incredible! There is just so much joy in missionary work and I just have so much love for the people in the Eagle Run ward, and the people that we meet in this area and lastly for the sisters at the Trail Center! It is just so happy! How have y'all been?! How is everyone's week going?

   We had two days that we weren't in our area so that was kind of hard to accomplish our goals- but we tried our absolute hardest! A huge miracle that occurred was actually at the Trail Center! We were pretty behind on our goals for the TC and there has been no one on Teaching Center- so pretty soon it was Saturday and it was the last time that we were going to be at the TC that week and so we were determined to make all of our goals! Before we got on Teaching Center we knelt down in prayer and we prayed specifically that we would be able to reach each goal that we had set, and you want to know what happened?! Heavenly Father inspired people to come onto that morning because we exceeded every single goal that we had set for that week! We had at least 5 online lessons, and taught the Restoration more than 20 times within that two hour period! It was just a huge miracle and a huge testimony builder to me that when we tell Heavenly Father our plan and set specific goals he will help us accomplish them!! It was just such a happy and joy filled moment for us!
   Also, another huge miracle happened Saturday and continued to Sunday! We had a lesson with one of our less active members, Tatiana- she hasn't been to church in over two months but she still lets us come over weekly to teach her lessons. So, on Saturday we went over and we were going to teach a lesson about obedience to God's commandments and why it is important. The whole lesson was basically asking questions and she just opened up to us so much! We were able to discern her needs and really just help! At the end of the lesson she just thanked us for being there, and she said she wanted to start coming to church and become an active member!! In her closing prayer she expressed to Heavenly Father how thankful she was that we were able to come over and help her! The commitment that we left with her was to simply prepare herself to come partake of the sacrament the next morning. So we got there early about 10 mins early and she wasn't there, pretty soon Brother Saxton started conducting the meeting and she still wasn't there, and then we started singing the opening hymn and Sister Preator and I were pretty bummed that she didn't show up, but then... halfway through the opening song she walked in through the doors! It was such a sweet moment to see her walk in! We were just filled with so much joy! She not only stayed for sacrament meeting but she also stayed for gospel principles and she participated so much!! It was just so happy!!
As for our investigator Scott, he was set for baptism on February 11, but he was still drinking tea. So on Sunday we recommitted him to not drink tea and we were able to set him for February 18, he was so excited and he told us that he hadn't drank any tea the day before and that he wasn't going to drink any on Sunday either! He had already made up his mind that he was going to drink lemonade! It was so incredible!!
Well, the inevitable happened. It snowed. Pretty badly. We couldn't really drive... haha We tried driving up this super small hill and we could not get up it! We tried pushing and everything! Nothing worked... so twice I had to back her down an entire street, it's pretty funny if you think about it!

Well, that's all for now! Got to go! Bye!!


Sister Rook

Exchanges with Sister Hall!

Us... being terrified of driving in the snow.


We had dinner with the Tremaynes! They serve with us at the Trail Center!

For once in my life I did my hair... so obviously I had to document it :D  

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