Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017

Hey Everyone!! 

This week has been pretty good! I feel like so many crazy things happened this week! There have been so many miracles that occurred this week, some were big and others were pretty small, but you can always recognize them if you are looking for them! 

1. Last Monday we let some sisters borrow our gps and we forgot to get it back before our dinner appointment and so we were driving and we both realized that we weren't completely sure how to get there- because we always rely on the gps! But after a lot of prayer... Heavenly Father led us to the house we were eating at! It seems pretty ridiculous, but it was such a huge miracle to us at the time! 

2. Marissa (our investigator) is doing so well!! We have taught her the restoration, and Plan of Salvation and we are teaching her the Gospel of Jesus Christ tonight, and lastly she has come to sacrament meeting! She absolutely loves church and she loves having a more loving relationship with God, She has also been fellow shipped by pretty much all the young women in our ward and also some from the stake, so literally all we have to do is teach! It is awesome to see Old Mill become more missionary minded as the weeks go on! It just makes me so happy!! 

3. Our investigators Sokha and Srylek (mom and daughter) came to church as well! We had a lesson with them last Thursday and we taught about Jesus Christ- turns out they know a lot about him and we can totally teach them the restoration this week!! They absolutely loved church, and Sokha basically bore her testimony in Relief Society about how she is here and she is meeting with us to find out for herself if the Book of Mormon is true! Also, it was pretty cool Sokha works at walmart and one of her co-workers is LDS and so her friend Jinney came with her to church! Jinney is a recent convert and is less active so it is awesome that she came!! Sister Borla and I were just filled with so much Joy we could hardly contain our selves, at least that's how it was for me! 

4. We got to go on Exchanges!! I was in Papillion (still in Omaha area) for the day and guess who I was with.... Sister Draney!!! Oh my heck! It was so good to talk to her! It was just such a miracle being with her and like always so many miracles happened while we were on exchanges!

Alrighty, in my studies lately there has been a focus on really getting our investigators to come to know Christ- whether that is from reading the Book of Mormon or striving harder to recognize the Spirit in their life, and it is so cool to hear all about their experiences from the past week! And seeing our investigators look for Heavenly Father's hand in their life makes me grateful for all the miracles that I have seen on my mission so far- and that I will continue to see!    

Also, I passed my 9 month mark this week, and I just have such a determination to work my absolute hardest on my mission! I know these nine months are probably going to fly by, so I am determined to do all that I can to follow the Lord's will for me! Well, I think that is about it! Thank you so much for all the support y'all have given me! You are all the best! I miss and love you to pieces!! Have the best week ever!!!


Sister Rook

New Year's Eve party at the Trail Center!

Sister Jensen!! She is a returning member we are working with, and this is Sister Petty, our AWESOME ward missionary!! 

We had dinner with the Bascom's, they are a senior couple who work at the trail center... Everyone was supposed to make a funny face... it didn't really work haha 

We also had dinner with the Clark's, another senior couple. They are so cute!! 

We took their investigator on tour!! She is getting baptized this Saturday!! 

Exchanges with Sister Draney!!!

Because every companionship needs a jumping pic!

I am going to miss Sister Lewis so much! She is such an incredible missionary! I love her to pieces!

Our desert that we had with the Clark's... it was so good :) 

Just Because :)

So... it is a tradition in this mission on your nine month mark to take a pic like this... so here ya go! It is so crazy to say that I have been out for nine months! 

Did I mention how good that dessert was...?

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