Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 25, 2016

Hey Everyone!
I don't even know what to say about this week. I feel like almost nothing happened. Sister Wininger's birthday was on Sunday, so that was super fun being able to celebrate it with her! On Saturday to "celebrate" her birthday we got super cheap burritos from this kinda sketchy Mexican drive through place. They were pretty good. Rich didn't come to church on Sunday... we were both kinda sad... but maybe he will come next Sunday! This Wednesday is transfers, we find out on Tuesday if we are staying or leaving. Today for p-day we were able to go to the zoo! We went with a member in our ward and her daughter it was so much fun! Well that's pretty much it! Sorry for the super short email! Love you!

Sister Rook

Interviews and District Trainings!

Super Pretty sunset! This was right after yoga :)

Sister Wininger is 20 years old now!! Happy Birthday to her... again!

Sister Winiger loved the skirts and dress my mom made for her and they arrived just in time for her birthday on the 24th of July!

Omaha Zoo!

P-Day Shenanigans!

I got to feed a giraffe! Super cool, they are adorable!!  

Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

But First... let me tell you about our miracle! :) Week 12!

First off I need to say Happy Birthday to Sierra!!! I am so sorry girl! I meant to email/write you like 2 weeks ago to tell you that but it just slipped my mind!
Alright, so you know how I told you all about Rich? The worker from Walmart? Well.... on Thursday he called us saying how he really wants to come to church! He's trying to get his Sunday's off of work so that he can come!! I am so excited I just can't hide it!! We BOM'ed about 20 of the families in our ward... they told us that they loved it and how they accepted the challenge of giving it away by July 31st! So hopefully that happens! Sister Wininger made homemade tortillas last week- it was pretty much the best thing ever! I forgot how much I missed Mexican food! Well Time is pretty much out! Sorry for the super short email this week! I love and miss you guys! Keep me updated with all the exciting things going on in your life!
Sister Rook

Celebrating the 4th of July with President and Sister Gardner!
Meeting up with Sister Jordan-Yay!

After doing service our member let us hold their bearded dragon! It was so Sic!!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016

Miracles, Zone Training, and Temple Trips Oh My!

Hey Everyone!!

This week was filled with so many things! It was so great! So it started out with a miracle! On Monday we went to Walmart to go buy our groceries and all that jazz, and Sister Wininger and I really wanted rice cakes but we had no idea where they were at. We asked a random worker named Richard and he had no idea either, so all three of us were running around Walmart asking all the workers where we could find these rice cakes, and finally we found them!! After we found them we thanked him for all the help he gave us and I gave him a'' Because He lives" card with our number and church address on the back. The next day he called us!! That was super exciting because we never get any phone calls. Sadly we didn't get to the phone in time to answer it but he left a message! He was asking what time church was and how long it was and all that jazz! Super legit! So we called him back and left him a message! We've been trying to get in contact with him all week... but we have not been able to... so hopefully we will see him at Walmart today!! On Wednesday we had zone training and it was sooo good! It was all based off a talk called, "The Fourth Missionary" by Lawrence C. Corbridge. It is soo good literally everyone should read it, especially missionaries! And lastly on Friday we got to go to the Temple!! It was soooo refreshing! I didn't realize how much I missed it! In my studies I ran across this quote and I absolutely loved it!! It is by President Russel M. Nelson in a talk called Becoming True Millennials, it says, "The true badge of courage is overcoming the fear of men." I love this so much, I feel like a lot of times I get so scared of talking to people or that they will reject me, but I just have to keep in mind that when we are in the spirit world no one will be mad at me for trying to share the gospel with them! Well I gotta go! I love you all so much! I'll talk to you next week!

Sister Rook

Omaha West Zone at the Temple!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 5, 2016

Hey Everyone!

So this is probs going to be super short because I don't have a ton of time :( sorry! This week we had exchanges and they were super good! I learned so much From Sister Jensen! She is considered my grandma because she trained Sister Wininger, so it was super fun to be with her for the day! Here's a funny story for the week. So during weekly planning we decided to switch up the scenery and plan in the basement instead of our study room, so we got everything set up down there and it was all good. After about an hour we both got the feeling that we needed to go upstairs and plan instead. So we took everything back upstairs and continued our planning. We were almost done so we were wrapping everything up and all the sudden the garage door opens and I got so freaked out! For some reason I thought that it was the basement door opening and that  someone was in the house trying to kill us, so I screamed super loud haha turns out it was just Brother Gudjenov.... it was super funny afterwards. So we have been trying to get our ward more missionary minded so we thought of a great idea during weekly planning! We are going to start BOM'ing (book of Mormon) our members! We are going to wrap bom's and ding dong ditch them to the members with the challenge that they have to give it away within the next two weeks. We are super excited to try it out!  Sister Wininger had her 9 month mark this past week so we celebrated it by getting froyo and cupcakes. Both were super good! Well I'm pretty much out of time, but a scripture I loved in my studies this week was Alma 26:10-12. It is basically saying that With God we can do anything :) Sorry this email is super random this week! I love you all! Talk to you later!

Love, Sister Kelsey Rook