Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017


Sorry this will be kind of short today! I'm running out of time! 

 This week has been so good! There have been so many miracles!! But this is the main one!!  We had a lesson with our potential investigator (now investigator) named Amanda. We had previously taught her the restoration and so this week we finally had time to go back and we were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation! It was incredible!! So, she had been in jail before and during that time she had read the bible 12 times and she was also teaching religious classes there, so she was very very familiar with the bible and that kind of intimidated me because I am not as familiar with it! But- there was no reason to be intimidated because she is just so prepared! We started teaching about the spirit world and she was just so amazed! She recognized that the bible didn't have the full truth about the spirit world or the three Kingdoms of Glory and she immediately recognized that The Book of Mormon did! Also, her super sick aunt was with us- she is probably going to pass away soon- but as we were teaching Amanda, Amanda would simplify it for her aunt so that she could learn and understand it as well. It was just such a sweet moment to see her actually recognize that the Bible and the Book of Mormon have the fullness of the gospel when they are together!     

As for our investigators...
   Scott  is still set for February 18! He has now been to church three times in a row and he absolutely loves it!! He has also quit drinking tea as well!! He is just so excited because he knows that once he has been off tea for at least 3 weeks he can be baptized! And he knows that this change in his life is going to be so good for him! We weren't able to meet with him at all this week because he has been pretty sick and so has his wife- but we have been calling him and texting him everyday to keep daily contact! So that has been good! 

We also got a new investigator this week!! We had a pass off lesson with the Bellevue 1st sisters at the Trail 
Center and it went so good!! Sandi is her name, we had met a couple days before to just introduce us and then Saturday was the official pass off lesson. She is trying to quit smoking and she had the opportunity to receive a blessing that day as well! We texted her the next day and she told us that she ad no desire for any cigarettes and she just felt so much better!! It was just so happy!!! I love when people come to know that the gospel will truly help them in their life!!

Funny/Crazy stories!!

1. It was inevitable... I had to give my first training this week! It was a little terrifying, but somehow I got through it! So our district meetings are on Wednesday, and I got the call on Tuesday night at 10:20 informing me that I was giving a training on hope the next day! Super crazy!! 

2. We had a pass off lesson with some other sisters and now we have a super solid investigator named Amanda!  I already love her to pieces!!!  

Well, I think that is it for now!! Thank you for all the support!!  I love everyone to pieces!!! !! 

-Sister Rook

We went to the slide and pedestrian bridge last pday!! We were able to wear pants! It was so strange!!

Pedestrian bridge!!! 

So much fun!! 

Last one of the bridge! 

We got to hang out with more sister today!! 

Annnnnd we went ice skating!!!! It was so much fun going for the first time!!

Look at me gooooo!! Hahaha.... Surprisingly I didn't fall! 

The whole group again! 

Me and my cute companion Sister Preator!! 

 I saw sister Younberg this week!!! She came back to visit and I got to give her a tour!!! 

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