Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August 14, 2017

this week was #insaneinthemembrane and next week will be the same as well!

Hi Fam!!

This week has been so crazy, but it has been the absolute best, and I know this week is truly going to be incredible with everything that is going on! 

This week most all of our appointments have fallen through, and we weren't able to find any new investigators. But we have been able to meet with Hector everyday and prepare him for his baptism on Friday!! The change he has gone through is truly incredible! He used to be the most cynical person, and now he is full of Joy! He used to never pray or be close to God, and now he is doing everything he can to draw nearer to him. He used to think of the commandments as guidelines that he really didn't need to follow, now he understands the importance of them and how they protect us and allow us to be free.  At his baptismal interview he said the most sincere prayer I have ever heard anyone say. It was a huge testimony builder to me of how he has had a mighty change of heart, and as such anyone can truly have a mighty change of heart, if they are striving to work towards it. Being able to see the Atonement of Jesus Christ work in someone's life is such a huge miracle- and I feel so blessed to have that opportunity to witness that every single day! It is such a happy thing. 

Holy Moly Everyone. In our weekly email to President Gardner, he asked us this, "How are you concentrating and working, exploring and absorbing, pondering and praying, applying and learning, valuing and appreciating the Book of Mormon?" I just wanted to let y'all know thatI am so incredibly thankful for the Book of Mormon- I didn't realize when I was at home how weak my testimony was of the Book of Mormon. I knew it was true but I wasn't applying it to my life so therefore my testimony wasn't really being strengthened by it. Now being able to just study it for 30 minutes a day and going to the Book of Mormon with a question has strengthened my testimony of it so much! Being able to feast upon the words of Christ by writing down the doctrine in each verse, and then diagramming it, and to look for different attributes of Christ as I am reading through it has honestly changed my whole being. I feel like I am a completely different human from when I first came out. I know the only way that happened is by being able to apply what I have learned in my studies throughout the day and week!   For my 40 day fast I picked a topic each week to study, and on Sunday nights I made a list of questions- one for each day to study. This week my topic was repentance/making the sacrament more meaningful. I can't even begin to tell you how incredible it was! Looking back on it I didn't really study anything in particular about the sacrament( I was in Helaman chapter 3), but I was able to learn how to lay down my burdens at the sacrament table and hand everything over to my Savior and to let him help me- rather than me doing all the work. It is definitely not easy, but the process is simple, and it is something that I am trying to work on everyday! 

Well, that is pretty much it! Thank y'all for all the support you give me!! I truly have the best fam out there!! 

Sister Rook

We finally got to wear our ponchos.... we looked like potatoes, and right when we put them on it stopped raining, it was the funniest thing ever. 

This is Julie Lucas! She is from the Capital ward and wanted to go on team ups with us! She is the absolute sweetest human you will ever meet! 

She bought us Greek food, first time trying a gyro- it was pretty good! 

Sister Banks caught a frog last night.... it was so crazy! 

As you can see,, I was absolutely terrified to hold the frog... I was straight screaming and yelling whenever it was squirming in my hand!


My crazy comp and I hahaha 

Mama Banks sent us Arizona shirts... so of course we had to take pics! 

Arizona isn't as cool as California... but it is still on the west coast :D 

Sister Bringhurst is a trainer now and she's wearing the dress my mom made for her!

Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7, 2017

Hi Fam!!

I honestly feel as if every week keeps passing by faster and faster and it is freaking me out. I can't possibly have been out for 15 months already- I cannot leave Nebraska in just 3 short months. It just makes me want to be as diligent as I can be so I can truly make the most of every single second that I have here. It is just absolutely so crazy how fast time flies! I am just so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve my Heavenly father and that I am able to do the Lord's work at this time! 

Because this week went by so fast I am having such a hard time remembering what happened! I am so sorry! Lately it seems as if we have been meeting the most neat people and they have a desire to learn and they just aren't set for baptism- so that is something that we are striving to work on is setting our investigators for baptism- I mean that is our purpose to do that... so I don't know why they aren't set!! 

The coolest miracle happened with Hector yesterday. After gospel principles he came up to Sister Banks and I and said he wanted to talk to us outside. Of course in our minds we go to the worst case scenario, that he wanted to drop us. But in reality it was the exact opposite! He said that he felt he was ready to make this huge commitment and be baptized! He now recognizes that he has felt the Holy Ghost in his life and that he wants to  be a part of Christ's church! It was such a happy moment and it is so incredible to see the changes that he has made and the changes that he is going to make! He had a huge change of heart!!  Watching people use the Atonement in their lives it just the most incredible thing ever! On Saturday we also stopped by his house and he asked about tithing and fasting before we had even taught it to him, and on Sunday he was fasting! It was so amazing!

Sister Banks is doing so awesome! It is always so fun to see the changes that your companion goes through and you go through throughout out the transfer! She has such a strong desire to be exactly obedient rather than murmuring about having to be obedient! It is truly the best thing ever! We are so excited for this upcoming transfer and all the things that are going to happen!! 

In my studies I was reading in Alma 62:41. Part of this verse says, "many had become hardened, because of the exceedingly great length of the war; and many were softened because of their afflictions." I got to thinking about food... because I love food :D And first I thought of an egg and how when you boil it... it becomes hard. Then I thought of a potato and how when you boil that it become soft and I realized when you go through a trial or a challenge it is not the trial that makes who you are but it is the way you act during that time that determines who you will become. That's my little spiritual thought for the day. 

Sorry this is so short and not very detailed this week. Thank you for all that you do! I love you so much!! 


Sister Rook 

Preparation day!! 

Last district Meeting of the transfer!! 

Since it was Elder Jone's last District meeting (He finishes his mission on Wednesday) we threw him a party, and it is also his birthday on the 28th so we had to celebrate it with him in Nebraska as well! His crown say #1 dad haha 

Selfie time!! 
Another district picture outside! 

Yankee Hill and Holmes Lake Elders #bestdistrictever

This was the day we locked ourselves out of our apartment, we spilt food all over ourselves, all of our appointments canceled and so much more haha we still had a great day though! 

McDonald's hamburgers! haha 

Yet another selfie 


Matt and Cindy and Jeriah! 


Missionaries from California  #westcoastbestcoast we were trying to do gang signs... Elders Jones wasn't too pleased hahaha 

Another selfie 

This is Hector- he is one of our favorite Humans!! 

This is the Conway family! They are so cute!! 


This is Amelia! We were twinning!  

This is Elder Visnaw taking crazy pictures 

And here we have Elder Visnaw taking pics of Elder Jones haha 

#twinningagain!! The beautiful dresses my mama sent us!! 

We had a pass off lesson this morning! 

The dresses my mom made for Sister Basinger and Sister Ibanez!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July 31, 2017

Hi Favorite Humans!! 

This week has been so incredible! I am just always so thankful to be serving a mission at this time, it has truly changed my life and continues to change it everyday as I am striving to do my best. I never thought I would feel as much happiness and joy as I have felt on my mission! It is just the best thing ever! 

There have been so many miracles this week- it has been absolutely mind blowing! But because I don't have a ton of time... here are 3 of them! 

1. We found a couple of new investigators this week! Sister Frehner gave us some referrals that she forgot to write in the area book while she was in this ward. So we tried Shauna this week and oh my heavens. She is so awesome! She is truly prepared- she opened up to us so much on our first visit and it was really her who established the expectations and told us that she was having a hard time with God right now (she is pretty upset with him), but she knows that she needs to be closer to him at this time. She is super busy so we are trying to meet with her again this week! We also met with some of our potentials and they are so interested in learning more! We had some awesome lessons with them and they are so excited, which of course makes Sister Banks and I excited! 

2. We found out this week that one of our investigators, Curtis Rollie, is actually a less active member. This week he told us that he just now remembered that he was baptized when he was 13 or 14 years old. He hardly remembers anything though because after he was baptized he went less active. The miracle about the whole thing is, he has a family! His wife April and at least 2 kids who are all not baptized but they are interested in learning more! They are planning on coming to church next week because they weren't able to come this week, but they are pretty happy to come! 

3. The last miracle I want to tell you about is Hector!! Oh my goodness! Sister Bringhurst and I found him last transfer as we were coming out of an appointment and he was driving down the street. Of course we waved at him and then when he parked his car we started teaching him and he asked us to pray for him to find a way to have more peace in his life. We set up a return appointment and we have been teaching him ever since. He came to church two weeks ago and he wasn't able to come the next week because he was mourning the death of his mother (it was her birthday and it hadn't even been a year since she had passed) Well, when we went over this week he was just really angry and frustrated with how he was feeling and all the hard times that he was going through and we were able to testify of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and about forgiveness and repentance. He was pretty hard hearted at the time and we were pretty sure he didn't let any of it in. We went back a couple days later and he was a completely different person. He was calm and he understands the Atonement, and repentance and how it works. Then he came to church yesterday!! And he totally recognized the answer to his prayers! He told us that before we came up and talked to him he was praying to know how he could come closer to God, and then we showed up the next day. He said the next time we come over we need to talk to him about baptism!! We have tried setting him before and he has refused saying it is going to take him time. It is just incredible to see him change so much!! 

Sister Banks is doing incredible!! She really is doing so awesome, it feels like she has been out for a lot longer than she has. She is doing wonderful with equal participation, and handling stress and everything else! It feels like she could be training me sometimes! The past couple of weeks, 12 week has been so good! We have been doing it everyday (except p-day, and weekly planning day) and we have been doing it for about 45 mins. We found if we set more time aside than just 30 mins we are able to get it done and we both get so much more out of it. We have been able to set goals and make plans for how we want to improve our missionary efforts and the type of missionary she wants to be. Also, about once a week the capital sisters come do 12 week with us and that just makes it even better because we all get new insights and inspiration! I am once again so grateful to be in this area and to be companions with Sister Banks. She has helped me learn and grow and change so much, and I just pray that I can help her do the same! 

Funny Moment

Yesterday at church Sister Banks and I were walking to the bathroom and I was wearing high heels (not too high but higher than what I was used to) and I totally ran into a mom and her child. It was complete red rover status. I never broke through their arms... but Sister Rook and a small child ended up on the floor. It was quite possibly the funniest thing that has happened. I felt terrible but it turned out good in the end! Also, during 3rd hour, Sister Banks went to go sit down and she totally fell off her chair, it was just a funny Sunday :)

Well, that is about it for this week! Thank you for all the support you continually show me! I love y'all all the way from Lincoln and back!! Have the best week possible! I love you!! 


Sister Rook 

We were recruited to help bring 15 brand new mission cars up from Lincoln to Omaha on our P-day!

We got to drive some brand new cars on p-day last week! This was us on the way back to Lincoln! 

On Wednesday it was pouring rain! We got completely soaked and it was the best thing ever! We stopped by all of our investigators in one part of our area and they were straight laughing at us... but now they know how important this is to us :D 

More rain pictures! 
Sister Banks and I with our little cacti 

Sister Banks and I again! 

When you are with Sister Rook.... you have to do cupcake hahaha  

More pics of us in the rain :D 

And here you see the most INCREDIBLE STL's ever. I really just love them to absolute pieces! 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 24, 2017

Hi Y'all!! 

This week was so crazy, but being at Trainer Trainee, and Zone Conference was so awesome! Those were definitely some of the highlights  of the week! 

One of the biggest things I learned at Zone Conference was all about the spirit. I absolutely loved how we talked about the spirit more and how as missionaries we always have to have the Holy Ghost in order to help people progress, and to help them really be converted. I loved President Holland's story about the two elders and how he brought his brother home all because of the Holy Ghost and they were quick to follow the promptings of the spirit. I thought a lot of my forty day fast and what I can do to make sure I am always having the companionship of the Holy Ghost with me so that Sister Banks and I are always in a threesome instead of a twosome. The biggest thing that stuck out to me was my language. I recognized that I use so much slang and it is so terrible! Of course I don't use any bad words, but I recognize that my language is not as good as it could be and I need to remember that I am truly a representative of Jesus Christ I am not in college or at a job, I don't need to be sounding "cool, or be like everyone else in the world" If I am to make sure the spirit is my constant companion then I need to not use slang anymore.  I recognize that that is just a small thing I can do , but I know that when I stop using slang that the spirit won't have any reason to leave, that it truly will be my constant companion as I am striving towards that! The other thing that I loved and learned in Zone Conference was all about teaching the doctrine of something. I love the quote in Preach my Gospel that says something along the lines of teaching the doctrine will change behavior quicker than a study of behavior will change behavior. It makes so much sense that we should be teaching our investigators the doctrine behind going to church, or reading the Book of Mormon, or praying- they don't know the doctrine, they don't understand the importance like us missionaries do! So those are the two things that I am striving to do- have no more slang in my vocabulary and to start teaching the doctrine behind baptism and the sacrament and praying and so many  other things!  

Like I said earlier, this week was pretty crazy. I don't know what was wrong with me on Tuesday but I felt so out of it. We still went out because of the car fast and I felt more fine in the morning, but as we were walking around in the heat Sister Banks said I just got more and more loopy... on Wednesday I was still kinda out of it, but it was better than the day before! Then we had Zone Conference, and Trainer Trainee and those were both just so incredible! Lastly, this morning we experienced a miracle! We were doing our laundry at the laundromat and there was only one other man that was there. Sister Banks and I both felt impressed to talk to him but we just didn't know when. We were both thinking that we would talk to him after our studies, then we were going to talk to him after we were planning but we never got around to it. Finally as we were walking towards the door we both just stopped and said hi to him! Turns out that he is from Uganda and he is a less active member in the Yankee Hill ward! He had never seen sister missionaries before and so he was super excited to see us and talk to us! We set up an appointment but the elders will go over there! It was just so awesome to know that we needed to be there for a specific reason to talk to Samsom today! 

Well that Is pretty much it! Thank you for all you do President Gardner! I love you so much!! 


Sister Rook 

Trainer-Trainee Meeting!

Zone Conference

Trainer-Trainee Meeting

Zone Conference

Trainer-Trainee Meeting

Zone Conference

Trainer-Trainee Meeting

Last p-day... this was our lunch.. a loaf of bread haha 

This was our 5 minutes of fun on car-fast day! We did a quick photoshoot in the corn! 

More Zone conference pics!

Donut shakes on Pday! 

Almost twins! 

More Trainer-Trainee

This a a fam that came to church yesterday, and their son is serving in the Rancho Cucamonga Mission!! 

I didn't know I loved Apple Valley this much until I talked to them haha