Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016

Hey Everyone!

This week was interesting. I feel like nothing happened this past week, so it might be a short email D: On Tuesday we were able to help out at the ranch again so that was super fun and we were able to talk about the gospel with the owner a little bit! Yay!! We were able to bike on Friday a little bit, we started talking to this guy who was working in his garage and he started bible bashing us and all this stuff, but we were able to testify of Jesus Christ! Saturday was a super crazy weird day! We tracted in the morning right after our studies and we got 3 referrals!! Go team!! We were so excited! We tried a bunch of potentials but they wanted nothing to do with us and kept on telling us what we believed in was wrong.... but all we could do was testify! Also on Saturday it was super cool! So we had just walked out of the house and we were getting ready to do service, so we were putting everything in the car and Sister Winiger goes, "Sister Rook, there is a man over there. What do we do?!" and so I looked and It was my Brother-in-law Joe!!! I ran over to him!! I was so surprised and shocked I didn't know what to say! It didn't even feel real!  Joe also came to my ward on Sunday and got to hear me speak! It was super cool. It made me so happy! Well time is almost out but I wanted to share this way cool quote that I found with you! "We have more friends behind the veil than on this side, and they will hail us more joyfully than you were ever welcomed by your parents and friends in this world; and you will rejoice more when you see them than you ever rejoiced to see a friend in this life; and then we shall go on from step to step from rejoicing to rejoicing, and from one intelligence and power to another. Our happiness becoming more and more exquisite and sensible as we proceed in the words and powers of life." -Brigham Young . Well I have to go, but I love and miss you all! I hope you have a great week!

At the ranch!

Crazy faces

At Sacrament Meeting with Joe!!!


Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016

Hey Everyone!

I just want to say Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there and to all the future fathers :)

I survived my first transfer! Go Team!! That was a super exciting day! And guess who I saw at Transfers.... SISTER JORDAN!! When we saw each other we literally just starting screaming and running up to each other and hugging each other.... we probably screamed for a good 10 seconds or more. It was So much fun! Me and Sister Wininger are still companions in the same area! Yay!

This past week we were so determined to talk to everyone we saw so we decided to... ride bikes!! It was so good! We talked to so many people, and it was so much fun! It was super hot, but it was way worth it!

For our service this week we were able to help someone build a room! It was super fun! We were able to cut the 2 by 4's and put insulation in and everything, I loved it! Sister Wininger did not like it at all, so half way through we went upstairs and started making carrot cake cupcakes with the kids... it was alright... I just liked building the room more!

On Sunday we were invited to go to ward council. The topic was, "How to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy in our Home." and it was way good. One thing I loved that was said that everytime we partake of the sacrament and we try our best to keep the Sabbath day holy, we are preparing for our exaltation! The spirit was so strong, it was the perfect way to start our Sunday!

I came across this scripture in my studies and I absolutely loved it! It is in Doctrine and Covenants 59:21 and it says, "And in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things, and obey not his commandments." So it is basically saying that we can not take credit for anything we do, we have to give all the glory to God. I just loved that so much!

Well I'm almost out of time so I'll talk to you guys later! I love and miss you all so much!


Sister Kelsey Rook


1. riding bikes!! #somuchfun #youshouldalltryit  
2. our "picture of the day" #pleaseexcusemyfaceandhair #ireallyneverhavetimetodomyhairormakeup #butiactuallycurledmyhairthisweek #butiforgottotakeapicture

3. Riding bikes again! #goteam #winingerandrookforthewin
4. Right before our service... I was super excited! #soexcitedijustcanthideit

5. SISTER JORDAN!!!!!!! #splendidanddelight #reunitedanditfeelssogood #everyonewassoconfused #istillcantbelieveisawher #itstilldoesntfeelreal

Alright well now I really have to go! Have a #greatweek and a #happyweek everyone! I love you!! :)



Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

So this week was pretty fun! On Tuesday we were able to go with a member to her friend's ranch and do service for her! There were horses, goats, pigs, chickens, just about everything! It was a true Nebraskan experience... and lets be real it made me want to live on a ranch some day. :)

Wednesday we had Zone Training, and it was way good like usual. I learned so many things!

This week the heat has been so real! Its been about 100 degrees everyday plus humidity! Its pretty crazy, but it is so worth it! Me and my companion just have to remember to drink a ton of water!

So me and Sister Wininger have been trying to think of more finding ideas so that we can increase our teaching pool, and unify the ward. We thought of starting up a Book of Mormon Study group or a game night type thing, and finally we talked to our bishop about it and he suggested an exercise night, so we have been talking to a bunch of people, and we are going to start having a weekly yoga night type thing, I'm kind of excited!

And lastly... I was asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting on the 29th, the topic is Magnify your calling. So if anyone has any ideas for me or personal experiences that I could share it would be much appreciated!

Sorry this weeks email is super short! But time is running short, so I will talk to you all later! I love and miss you guys so much! Remember to make good choices! :) #Ihopeyouallhaveagreatweek #ihavetokeepthishashtagthinggoingon #lds #missionary #haveagreatday #happyday #alrightimdone #deuces  


Sister Kelsey Rook            

                                                  1.Ethel the pig, she is 800 pounds :O 

2.We got to help members put up a swing... and we got to ride it, then we had to run to our next app. 

                                                                     3.Horses! yay!   

                                                                    4.Zone Training!

                     5.There was a baby deer on the ranch! Super cute!! His name was Oliver :)

We loved our outfits on Sunday!

Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

Its starting to feel like summer here and it makes me so happy! It feels so good outside! This past week kinda sucked. Most of our appointments fell through so it was kind of discouraging. This week we were able to teach Derek. Derek has been an investigator for a long time and has decided that he wants to take the lessons again. This was our second lesson with him and it wasn't all that great. He told us that he doesn't believe that prayers can be answered at all and he thinks that the only way to find out if the church is true is to do research from non-lds sources.... so it was pretty difficult. The whole time he was trying to discredit our testimonies so that was pretty interesting. On Saturday we got to see Ben and Eli get baptized! They are the cutest 8 year old boys ever! We have been teaching them the lessons, it was so much fun! This week we were able to help a lot of our ward members and do service for them! We mostly planted tomatoes, it was pretty good. Well that's about it for this week, time is almost out, so I will talk to you guys later!  I love you all!

Sister Rook

1. The clouds looked way cool, the members we were visiting were outside taking pics of them and then we went inside to have a lesson and it starting raining so hard! They said they were "holding us hostage" until it stopped raining, it was pretty funny.

2.   There are wild turkeys here that just walk all over the place. I thought it was so weird!

3. My boots came!! I was so excited!!

4. This is Ben! He one of the boys we taught, he is super cute!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 31, 2016

So this week I was able to meet a ton of people in our ward. The Pacific Ridges ward is so big that I haven't even met half of the ward members yet... its kind of weird, but that's alright! Anyways everyone who I meet for the first time always says my name is Rock or something else and not Rook so I have to explain that my name is like the chess piece and then they go, "Oh!! I get it now! haha Do you like playing chess?!" Every single time. So I'm getting used to saying that when I meet people now.

Highlights of the week.

Thursday and Friday it was super windy and rainy. There was a tornado watch... but the sirens weren't going off and President hadn't texted us so we just continued working. We were trying a ton of potentials/tracting and we were able to talk to so many people! Everyone who talked to us started freaking out and was like, "Why are you guys outside?! What are you doing?! Get inside now!" It was so awesome! We got six referrals from those two days.

All last week we have been inviting people to attend the Memorial day breakfast! and guess what?! So many nonmembers came!! Super cool!

Yesterday for our p-day we were able to go on a hike with 5 families from our ward!! Well... it wasn't really a hike it was more like a walk but it was still super fun! The hike was in Iowa so it was fun to be out of our area for part of the day.  

Well that is basically it... not much has happened this week... I love and miss you all so much!!


Sister Rook

                 1. we both looked monochromatic.. and I got my selfie stick so I had to use it :)

Our hike!

Group pic of everyone