Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2, 2017

Hey Everyone!!! 

This week has been pretty good, the gingerbread festival is over and so the Trail Center has slowed down so much, but that gives us more time to have studies, and to go on teaching center!! Speaking of Teaching Center- it is so cool to teach people online!! It is so amazing to go on and teach the restoration so many times in one day! I love being able to talk to so many different people and to see how prepared they are, then lastly to send the referrals to the missionaries!! It is incredible!! This past week, I talked to people who lived in France and Finland and Haiti! Then I was able to send Missionaries to them!! It just made my heart so happy! 

This week we have visited with a couple less active members. We saw Michelle Jensen- we are trying to work with her on not smoking.  We are going to start going over the Addiction Recovery Program with her in hopes of accomplishing that. We have seen some active members as well in hopes of getting referrals, or helping them with their missionary work! That has been going pretty good! Lastly we met with our investigator Marissa! She is so awesome!! She is 17 years old and she really wants to build a good relationship with God. She was part of a catholic church with her mom and she didn't like how all they focused on was having them fear God and that he wasn't loving at all. So that is where we are at with her! We are also meeting with our investigator Srylek and Sokha (her mom) and we are going to teach her the Restoration!! We are so excited!! We are still working hard to find people to teach. One day we will find families who are prepared to receive the restored gospel! 

Interesting Things that happened this week... 
1. On New Years Eve the Trail Center had a party... so we were able to play games with the Senior Couples... I'm still not used to having "parties" at the Trail center.. I'm used to being with members! 
2. Last Monday Sister Borla sent a package home, and the mail lady at first was soo mad- by the end she was singing songs about Jesus! She had a complete change of heart! 
3. We finished planning on time one night this week and Sister Borla had a dance party... of course I joined in before going to sleep haha it was so fun! 

Well, I think that is about it for this week, I am almost out of time! Sorry It is super short! Just know That I love you and miss you all so much!! Have the best week ever!! 


Sister Rook

Super Cute girl from Thailand! She was visiting a member from our ward who served in her ward back home! 

.Because it was $2 Tuesday... and our lunch break... so naturally we had ice cream! We are sooo healthy ;)

KELLY AND DAVE AND JASMINE CAME TO THE TRAIL CENTER!!!!! I got to take them on tour!!! It was the best thing ever!

Sister Pinhey went home early from her mission on Saturday, it was so sad. I love her to pieces! 

New Years Eve! We all look so good :D

Just because :) 

These are some of the gingerbread houses that were displayed! Some of them were crazy!! 

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