Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January 17. 2017

Hey Everyone!! 

This week has been so good and so crazy! I feel like that is how missionary work is all the time! So as you all now... Transfers were this week! And guess where I am now?! I am a full proselyting missionary and I am also speaking Spanish!! I'm officially a Hermana!!! hahaha jusssssst kidddding! I did get transferred. Sister Borla and I closed the Old Mill ward temporarily for sisters because there aren't enough sisters in the mission right now! I just think that is so crazy! So Wednesday comes along (transfer day) and I find out my new companion and what area I'm going to, then president pulls me aside and tells me something is wrong. I started freaking out! So we went to his office and he told me he was unaware that some sisters couldn't drive. So... I was assigned a new companion... but he didn't know who that would be... So I was companionless and arealess for about fifteen minutes... it felt so strange! I hated not having a companion! haha! Then he finally figured it out! So now I am in the Eagle Run ward with Sister Preator! She has been out for 7 months and has been in that area her whole mission! And she is from Mckinney Texas!! So that is pretty cool!! I love her so much! She is just an absolute incredible human!  

Well, besides transfers there have been so many miracles and the transfer just started! I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us in these next six weeks. The biggest miracle we saw this week was on Friday. We were in our area and we had set appointments for this 1 1/2 hour chunk of time. All of our appointments fell through, every single one of them! It was a little disappointing, but we were guided to where we needed to be which was awesome! We tried a potential and that lead us to passing by a less active member's home that Sister Preator hadn't visited in a while, so we tried that house and she was home! We couldn't stay for very long because the member was busy, but she was so grateful that we had thought to stop by! Afterwards we were walking to our car and there was a lady outside her house so we started talking to her and she invited us inside to hear the first lesson! She is now a potential, her name is Amanda! She had previously met with missionaries before, I think it was when the assistants were in that ward so she was kind of familiar of what we believed in. We were able to answer a lot of her questions and vanquish some of the myths that she had in her mind about the church. Then we got all of her information! It was incredible and it is a testimony builder to me that if we follow any prompting we receive from the spirit that we will always be guided to where we need to be! 

Highlight of the week.... Megan and Joe surprised me!! They came to the Trail Center while I was on shift! It nearly knocked the socks off of me because I was so surprised to see them! Oh my goodness. It basically made my whole entire life. I missed them both so much! 

Well, I think that is all I have time for today, I am so sorry my emails have been super short and lame. I just want yall to know how much I appreciate and love everyone of you! You have been so incredible with all the support you have shown me! I hope yall have the best week ever!! I miss and love you to pieces!!! 


Sister Rook

Transfer day!

Final Saturday morning Trail Center training with the wonderful Elder and Sister Crandall

Elder and Sister Crandall with President and Sister Gardner

Megan and Joe!!! Ahhhh!!!!!! I just still can't believe I saw them!!! So much Fun!!! 

Sister Preator and I now live with a family instead of in an apartment. This is Bob and Lucy and their grandson. I already love them to pieces! They are not members, they are Methodists, but their daughter converted and served a mission!

I helped Lucy take down their Christmas decorations....

Traditional new sister photo with Lucy's 5 foot 2 inch zebra! The zebra still has the remains of a Christmas party on it's head!

Sister Borla and I on our way to the transfer point!

All of the full pros sisters went back to being full pros and I am still at the Trail Center!! This is sister Cutler by the way!! She is awesome!

My new companion! Sister Preator!!! 

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