Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 1, 2016


ok, that joke was just a CATastrophe! 

oh no! WITCH one was worse? 

I can't decide... BOOth are just bad.

ok I'm done.... I can SCAREcely contain myself!

Alrighty, I'm done for reals now! My companion is so funny, she always thinks of the most clever things! Well, I hope everyone has such a Happy Halloween today!!! Sister Bengtzen and I get to spend the night with one of our members and her non-member family at a pumpkin patch tonight! We are so excited!! We aren't allowed to proselyte, so that's a bummer... but It will be so much fun!! 

Well this week as usual... there have been so many Miracles! 
 "Wherefore, my beloved family, have MIRACLES ceased because Christ hath ascended into heaven, and hath sat down on the right hand of God, to claim of the father his rights of mercy which he hath upon the children of men?"
 "And because he hath done this my beloved family, have MIRACLES ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angles ceased to minister unto the children of men."
This week was filled with such incredible things, I will try to keep them short because if I write down every single thing that has happened... this email would be waaaaay to long :) 

1. We tried this new thing this week where we would set aside specific finding time. We would pick an area, find 1 or 2 people that we wanted to try, then drive to that area and just walk and talk to everyone we saw! It was so amazing to see how many people were outside- it was so effective, we absolutely loved it! 

2. Last Monday at Walmart, one of the workers came up to us and just told us that he was so proud of the work we were doing and how he could tell we were representatives of Christ by the light that we had around us, then he proceeded to say that he wanted to learn more and wanted the missionaries to teach him. It. Was. So. Cool. He was the sweetest little man ever!! 

3. One night all of our appointments had fallen through... and we had 30 minutes left. We felt prompted to try this one street, so we drove over there and pulled over and said a prayer. Right as we got out of the car, a person walked out of their garage. His name was Karl. We taught a super super quick resto and gave him a Book of Mormon. He was so prepared!!! He is so excited to come to church next Sunday!! And he is reading the Book of Mormon!!! 

4. We had dinner with Kelly and Dave this week... they called it their "celebration dinner" of starting their journey to prepare to be baptized!!! When they said that Sister Bengtzen and I could hardly contain ourselves! We were practically screaming all the way to our next appointment... it was a good thing no one could hear us... they would've known we were crazy! 

5. During weekly planning we had no idea what we should teach a former investigator that we had an appointment with... so we said a prayer and opened up our Books of Mormon... we both read completely different verses but they were both on repentance, and it was exactly what he needed to hear that day! 

6. We quite literally chased a girl down because she needed to hear the gospel.... Here's the story. We were driving on this pretty busy road, and we saw a girl just standing on the side of the road. We pulled into the nearest parking spot available and started walking to the place where she was.. except she was gone.. then we saw this other girl a couple streets down... we walked as fast as possible...and ran when it was appropriate... to catch up to her. We ended up walking her to her house as we taught the restoration. She was the sweetest human ever. Her name is Morgan and I absolutely love her to pieces!

Well that is all the miracles I am allowing myself to share because there are so many more that have happened! 

Sister Rook

. We tried making a Nebraska cookie....

Happy Halloween! 

BIG spider!! :)  

. Islander family!! 

Dinner with Kelly and Dave!! 

Trunk or Treat! I was sister Bengtzen and sister Bengtzen was meeee :)

So much fun!

Dave... he was Wolverine!  

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