Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

What's up Fam?! 

This week has been so good!! Chalco Hills is so amazing, The work is moving forward, miracles are being wrought, crazy things are happening, and I just love Sister Bengtzen so much!! Being a missionary is just the best thing ever!!  

So you know how last week I talked about how we taught someone from doing service? Well, we had lunch with Shannon and we taught her the Restoration! She loved it, and she especially loved the Atonement!! We are going back this week to do a little bit of service, then to ultimately share another message with her! She is so sweet. We are so excited!! 

Also, the guy who poked his head out of his door and started asking us questions, Chris, came to church!! We saw him Saturday night, his wife wasn't feeling too well so she did not listen, but we taught him the restoration! He said he would read the Book of Mormon and pray about being baptized! Then he came to church the next day, and he brought his brother-in-law with him!! They both loved it, Jacob (the brother-in-law) also lives in our area so we are going back to teach them on Tuesday! I am just so happy! 

Alrighty, last miracle!! Miguel is from Panama, and he is the greeter at Walmart, and he is the most incredible, prepared person ever! I can't remember if I have talked about him or not, so I will just start from the beginning! So we met him at Walmart, and we snuck him a card... because he can't accept anything at work. He said he wanted to learn more and that he would call us.... he never called us that week... so we went back the next week and he said he thought that the number we gave him was church head quarters. We explained that it was our number and he said he would call us. He ended up calling us!!! We set up a time to meet with him and we taught him the restoration. He is a talker! He has had so many incredible experiences and he just wanted to tell us all about it! We gave him a Book of Mormon, and he said he would read and pray about it. We also set him for baptism and he said he would like to be baptized!!! Since then he has called us multiple times with so many questions! He is reading from the Book of Mormon and he is loving everything about it! It turns out he does not live in our area, and we feel it would be better if Spanish missionaries taught him, so we had a joint lesson with the elders and they made such a good connection! Miguel wants to go to the temple super badly so sometime this week we are going to the trail center and see the temple and that will be the official pass off lesson. Miguel is so incredible! I just want everyone to meet him!!  

Alright, time for a hilarious thing that happened. So... it sometimes gets boring knocking on doors... so Sister Bengtzen and I wanted to make it more fun. Everyone in Nebraska has the huge blow up decorations in their yard, Sister Bengtzen thinks they are so tacky... which they kind of are, so what does she do? she imitated one of them on this person's porch! She is so funny! This is how the conversation went...  

Knock on door...

Sister Bengtzen: Imitating blow up turkey. 

Sister Rook: Hey! How are you?! 

Grumpy Man: What do you want?? 

Sister Bengtzen: Im imitating your turkey, don't I look just like it??

Sister Rook: Suppresses giggling. 

Grumpy man: No, you look nothing like it

Sister Bengtzen Really? I thought we could have been twins! 

Sister Rook: full on laughing

Grumpy man:.... 

Sister Rook: Well, we are your missionaries in the (gets cut off)

Grumpy man: Slams door

We thought it was so funny, when you are on a mission your sense of humor goes down the drain and pretty much anything is funny! He was a potential that we were in the neighborhood of... one day his heart will be softened! 

Well... I'm kind of out of time for a spiritual thought this week... I am so sorry!! But Yesterday Sister Bengtzen and I taught gospel principles and it was on the Sacrament. We read 3 Nephi 18:12 and it talks about being built upon a rock. Then president Applegarth, 2nd counselor in the mission presidency, referenced Helaman 5:12, and that describes what or who that rock is, it is Jesus Christ! So as long as we keep on building our faith in Christ, by reading our scriptures, praying, partaking of the sacrament- if we do all of these things consistently, then we will be able to withstand the temptations and any hard trial or tribulation that we will go though.

Well, I love you all so much! I hope you all have the best week ever!


Sister Rook 

Last week for P-Day and for Sister Yancey's birthday we played Laser Tag!! It was so much fun!! 
Sister Bengtzen decided that my spirit animal was a flamingo... then we saw a flamingo and this kind lady let us take a picture with it.... she wasn't interested though... I decided that Sister Bengtzen's spirit animal was a chicken... hahaha  

Exchanges with Sister Yancey!!  

We are so funny! Sea-goals... Bay-goals... hahaha 

After planning shenanigans 

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