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Sister Rook

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 6, 2017

Hey Fam!!

  This week was interesting... basically every single appointment that we had set up fell through... we had confirmed all of them three or four times through out the week and on that day as well and they just forgot about it and were busy or just didn't answer. We tried all we could to help them, I don't know if we could have done anything else but we just had to have patience and be bold and loving to them. I felt so bad. I feel like that is all Sister Monroe has experienced since being on her mission is all the rejection. I just want her to have the best experience of missionary work! I have to keep in mind though that she will experience rejection some point in her mission and sometimes you will have better days than others! I'm trying so hard to help her see the miracles that are going on around her, so she doesn't focus on all of the negativity. 
   Our goal for this transfer is to find a family of four that consists of a single mom with three kids. We have been asking everyone we see if they know of a family that meets this description or any families in general! We started contacting all the single ladies in our ward and we got in with a less active member named Katrina Beck, she hasn't been visited in quite a while and she was quite surprised that we came to visit her instead of her sister (her sister is in the Winter Quarters YSA ward.) it was a good visit and we were able to set up a return appointment for later that week! We went back on Friday and sadly, Katrina is just so set in her ways, she has had so many hard things happen to her in her life and she is just not willing to make any changes... so we are going to hold off on visiting her because we don't want to waste the Lord's time with people who aren't going to progress! It was a nice visit and we helped her a little bit, but we just pray that her heart will be softened these next couple weeks and months before we try her again. 
   I don't know if I have mentioned Dusty or not. She is a less active member in our ward and she is so funny! She definitely has a lot of mental illness, depression, ptsd, bipolar, and so much more! She is working on not smoking right now so that's going pretty good! She came to the relief society activity that we had (celebrating the relief society's 175th birthday) and she absolutely loved it!! She was just going on and on about how much fun she had and how excited she was to come to church! She ended up getting pretty sick so she wasn't able to make it to church, so that was super sad, so we are praying that she will get better and make it this week!
   Our investigator Sandi is also doing better with not smoking! She is down to one every couple of days or so, which is a lot better than a couple every day! She is still planning on getting married in October, so we have a goal to have her be baptized right after! She is so excited! It is incredible to see her make the necessary changes so that she can be closer to her Savior. 
   We saw Candi this week. She is one of our investigators!! She is absolutely incredible!! She also has a ton of health issues, she is on the wait for a heart transplant... her heart works at about 8% while the normal human heart works at 80% but she has such a strong desire to be baptized to come closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ. As we were planning her lesson I realized that she was a single mom and she had three kids living with her! We were in absolute shock and we both felt that this was our family of four! We know that it is going to be super hard for her but we also know that as she continues to trust in the Savior she can be baptized, she can so do this!! I just love Candi so much!!! She is an INCREDIBLE human that everyone needs to know!!! I am so excited for y'all to get to know her one day! 
    We also saw Tatiana Jackson this week.When we got inside (we brought her visiting teacher, Sister Clark with us) Tatiana was on the verge of having a breakdown because she was just getting so down on herself about how messy her house was and that she wasn't going to church anymore and all this other stuff. Sister Clark had the marvelous idea to just start cleaning her house! So we started cleaning. we cleaned for about an hour and I don't think her house has ever been so clean before! We left her the talk to read, "Am I Good Enough, Will I Make It?" and right before we left Sister Clark and Sister Monroe and I bore our testimonies of the Savior's love that he had for her, and how she can feel that in her own life. It was so powerful, and Tatiana actually stood still and listened to us! She recognized herself feeling the spirit and she was comfortable with it! It was incredible! Usually she is so uncomfortable with feeling the spirit, but she stood still and listened to us! It truly made my heart so happy!
   Holy moly, this is a long letter I am so sorry! Sister Monroe is doing alright. Yesterday she had a bit of a break down and she opened up to me so much. She is so worried about her family back home. She is so scared that something is going to happen to them and she won't be there to help. She wants to help her siblings so much, she knows that it is hard because she is all the way in Nebraska and she doesn't have daily contact with them. She also keeps on thinking what she could be doing instead of being on a mission. She could be on a family reunion, helping her sisters with prom and seeing her sister graduate. She told me she hasn't had the confirmation that she needs to be here yet, but she can't imagine herself being at home or at college or anywhere else besides here. She doesn't want to go home she wants to be here so that's good, I don't  think she realized how much she would miss her family and everyone back home. It's getting better, she is so strong, and incredible and I love her so so much!! Training is so much fun! It is so hard, I have such a big responsibility to help Sister Monroe as much as I can but at the same time it is just the best thing ever! I am learning so much from her and I hope she is learning things from me! 
   Well I think that is pretty much it for this week! Thank you for all you do President!! I love you so much!! 
Sister Rook  
P.S. You can either send mail here... the home I live in... 
15872 Farnam St.
Omaha, NE 68118

Or you can send it to the Martha street building (mission office) 
11027 Martha St
Omaha, NE 68144

It will get to me either way! 

My greenie is teaching be how to be thug... I don't think it's working hahaha  

For our five minutes of fun (little break) we decided to take a picture, a random lady offered to take it for us... she's not interested...

Relief Society Birthday Party! 

Katrina Beck and her sister Karla and all of their animals... :D 

Yes... This is Sister Rook attempting to hold a ferret. Obviously I was laughing too much so I needed to have help... :D

Eagle Run Missionaries! 

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