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Sister Rook

Monday, March 20, 2017

March 13, 2017

Hey Y'all!!!

Holy Moly. This week was absolutely crazy! We had so many appointments we were literally running around every single day, it is definitely  teaching us to be more prompt so we can get to all of our appointments on time! This week is going to be like that as well. It is so exciting! 

Monday: We had dinner and had a Family Home Evening with the Guerrero Family! Sister Guerrero literally invited her whole entire family to be there with us! It was awesome! She had her 2 sons that live with her there (they are active) and then two of her less active children were there as well. Sariah, her daughter, had just gotten a priesthood blessing two days before from the Elders, and she was so interested in hearing the FHE that was given! Unfortunately she does not live in our ward boundaries, she lives in Bennington, so hopefully the missionaries will start working with her! Aaron, her other son that was there, is in our ward. I don't think missionaries have visited him before so we set up an appointment to go see him! After we set the appointment we realized he was a single dad with 3 kids!! We always come so close to finding our family!! We have the faith to keep on searching and eventually find them!! Then we also realized that Aaron's daughter has not been baptized yet, she is almost 10, I think. So we are going to work on that with him. Later that night we visited with Tatiana. We had planned this super good lesson- we were going to be talking about the Doctrine of Christ with her- one principle a lesson, then at the end how they relate to each other and to her, but she was so distracted the whole entire time! We had to constantly keep telling her to put her phone away and pay attention... so this week we are going to try to make our lessons more interactive and hopefully that will help!    

Tuesday: This day was crazy! We found two new investigators and a solid potential investigator! We are so excited to be working with Bobby, Blanca, and hopefully Ann. They all have so much potential. We also visited with  our investigators Carrie and Candi. They are both doing alright. We are working with Carrie on loving herself more, and we are going through the lessons with Candi again. We are hoping to set her for baptism the next time we see her. She also told us she is moving at the end of this month, so we are praying she will still be in our ward! She is an incredible person! 

Wednesday: The big miracle of this day was that we found a lost sheep!!! His name is Charles Shouvellier! He was baptized about 4 years ago into I'm not sure which ward. Soon after the boundaries changed and he was moved into the Fontenelle ward. Then I think Eagle Run was created so he was moved again and he didn't know about it! We ended up knocking on his door and he didn't answer so we left a card with our number on it and he called us back! We ended up passing him off to the Elders because he is a single man, but we are still so excited for him!! 

Thursday: We met with Carrie and Tatiana again. They were both doing a little bit better. This week we are going to try making their lessons more interactive either with coloring sheets or word searches so they will understand better! We went out and tried to find families on the more west part of our area and it wasn't too great. Our ward council keeps on telling us to go finding over there but the people just aren't as receptive, but we have the faith that we will find someone over there!! 

Friday: Weekly planning. It takes us a little bit longer than the normal 3 hour block to finish it but it is surely getting better! We always go into such detail about planning but then it really makes it a lot easier through out the week rather than the other way around! We tried some less actives... it was so awkward. The daughter was home and she was in the process of saying her mom wasn't home... then I glanced behind her and I made eye contact with the less active who "wasn't home". It was so awkward, she ran away as soon as she could... right after we left she texted us with this big long excuse... then set up a return appointment.. So we will see how that goes!  

Saturday: All of our appointments fell through, which was slightly disappointing, but some days that happens! So it is all good! We were able to get a list of members that our ward wants us to focus on as well as a list of the unbaptized children. Eagle Run is crazy! Half our time is with our investigators and the other half is with less active members- there is just not one focus, this ward is so diverse and there is so much work to be done, and we are ready to do it!

Sunday: We had Stake conference and it was so good! Dusty and Brother Warren (recent convert) loved it!! Brother Warren is actually going to do some family history later this week so he can find a name and take it to the temple for baptisms! He is so excited and we are so excited for him! He was going to do baptisms for the dead on Friday but he wasn't able to meet with the bishop in time, and the temple will be closed for a while so he is a little sad about that, but now he will just be extra prepared to go on the week of April 5th when it is opened again! Paula Rohl (recent move in, Sandi's bestfriend, Sandi is an investigator) is also going to be doing family history as well!! She is so excited to go back to the temple! She has done baptisms once, and hasn't had the opportunity to do them again! We are crazy excited for her as well! And it was my birthday! We had so much fun celebrating!! On the mission, Sunday is the best day to have a birthday!!!! 

I think that is about it for our week! It has been so great and this upcoming week will be even better! Sorry for the super long letter this week! Thank you for all the support!!! I love y'all!! 


Sister Rook

My crazy companion and I!

No surprise here... we love taking pictures! 

My cute companion decorated our study room!

Blowing out the candles on my cake!

My fam know me so well... Taki's are still my fav!! 

This is Dusty... she insisted that she had to take a picture with Pres and Sis Gardner. They are so kind to do so- they had a billion other things to do! Also... surprise!! I chopped my hair!! it's pretty short now!! .... jusssst kidddding! it was my shorter layers in front. :D

Crazy pics again 

I just love Sis Monroe so much!! 

FHE with Guerrero fam! 

This is the Mattson family!! We are working on getting them back to church! 

I had to... 

Texas Roadhouse! 

Nebraska has these HUGE murals all over town! 

This is Tracy! I will tell you more about her later :D 

Yay for jumping pics!! 

20 years old!  

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