Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Monday March 20, 2017

Week #48... crazy to think that I entered the MTC 11 months and 1 week ago!

Hey Fam!!!

 This week was the absolute best! So many good things happened! We had the Trainer-Trainee meeting, district meeting, interviews with President, and a missionary musical fireside! So much happiness! So how was everyone else's week?! I hope it was great!!!  
 Monday was a little cray cray! We had a lesson with one of our less active members, Tatiana.  She had forgotten about our appointment and she wasn't answering any of our phone calls or texts. She lives in an apartment building and it's on the first floor... kind of? The way the building is set up you walk in and you either go downstairs (basement) or you go upstairs (first floor) and her room is on the first floor... we really wanted to meet with her because we couldn't just let her blow us off like that! So what does Sister Rook do? She climbed on her trainee to knock on Tatiana's window... It wasn't too high... and her kids heard us and they let us in!  She did not want us there at all... there is a lot of stuff going on right now that is super hard for her to deal with. The good thing is even though the lesson didn't go as we had planned (I feel like that is how it always goes) she came to church on Sunday all by herself,  and by her doing that she was able to meet with  Bishop Jones! That was a huge miracle, we have been trying to get Tatiana to meet with him since I first got to Eagle Run, and now it actually happened! We had a "follow-up" appointment I guess you could say with her after church on Sunday and it was actually pretty good! We just focused on the light that the gospel brings and how it could help her in her life. I feel like all the time with Tatiana people have focused on the heavy stuff with her and how she is going through so many trials, but really we need to be focusing on the future and how she is receiving so much help in her times of need, so at least for a little bit that is what we are going to be focusing on and Sister Monroe and I have a good feeling about it!
#SisterRookieandherTraineearegoingcrazy #whatsnew :D 
 Tuesday we met with Candi again. We caught her at the wrong time and she was pretty busy so tomorrow we are for sure going to set her for baptism and try to figure out different ways so she can come to church so we can make this happen! Brother Bruun is also going to come with us (he is literally the best member missionary ever! He is retired so all day he goes out with missionaries! It's the best thing ever!), so that will be super good because she has met him a few times before! The rest of our Tuesday was crazy as well, we were out finding families and we bumped into one of our less active families that people have been trying to get in contact with for the longest time- we shared a brief message on their doorstep and invited them to come to church and they did!! It was incredible! It made us so so happy to see them walk into the chapel on Sunday! Last thing for this day, We also saw Sister Mattson, she is a less active member who we just randomly picked out to try when Sister Monroe got here. We shared a mormon message with her and invited her to come to church as well, she said she would definitely come because Sister Monroe was speaking and she did!! It was incredible to see her at church as well! 

 Wednesday was District Meeting and Sister Monroe gave an incredible training on Charity and Love. It not only helped me so much but I really think it helped the missionaries in our district- she just has such a way with talking to people. she keeps everyone focused on her, and that is because she follows the spirit 100%. We also met with our investigator Mary Lentz. We taught her the Restoration and we set her for baptism on April 8th!! She said she was working with missionaries before but they never set her for a date, she is so happy to be preparing for baptism. She has read the whole Book of Mormon before and she knows it's true! We were a little worried because we didn't know if she smoked or drank or not, but she came to church on Sunday and she said that after the missionaries stopped coming by she recognized that she shouldn't be doing those things so she has stopped! It was awesome to hear those words coming out of her mouth because it shows that she is truly prepared! We are so excited for her!

 Thursday we met with Martha Ullerich. She was taught the first lesson by missionaries a long time ago in one of our member's home. We have to take it slow with her because she thinks that missionaries are pushy a lot of the time- she is super super sweet though. We are hoping to build trust with her so that she will feel comfortable with us, and going to church, she has been to so many relief society activities before so she knows a lot of members which is great!!  Thursday is also the day where we realized that in order to find our family of four with a single mom and three kids- we have to be looking outside the box and we literally have to be doing everything we can to search and find them! We are so determined we have the faith to find, or not to find. We know that we are going to be guided to those who need us. 

 Friday at Trainer Trainee it was awesome to learn so much and to recognize what we need to work on so we can be the most effective companionship, and servants of our Heavenly Father that we can personally be! This day we also met with one of our less active members who really wants her grandson to be baptized, so we are going to work with her on that! She was supposed to come to church as well but she had a family emergency and she wasn't able to make it- so we are really praying that they come next week! 

 Saturday we had exchanges!! I learned so much from Sister Chapel!! It was so fun being with her! Thank you so much for allowing us to go to Virginia's baptism! it was just incredible to be able to witness that! I think Sister Monroe was a little shaken up with exchanges, which is totally understandable because I know that I was my first time! She said she wasn't used to having a non crazy companion, but that she learned a ton of what she wants to do and what she doesn't want to do. I think it was good for her though! 

 Sunday there were so many people at church! It was literally crazy! Sister Monroe gave an incredible talk and I had to balance out everyone and try to sit with them! It was so awesome!! I already talked about how we met with Tatiana, and that was good!! Also, our lost sheep that we found came to church! Brother Shouveiller is awesome! It was so good to see him at church because so many people fellowshipped him!! He already has so many friends, it is incredible what ward members can do! The musical fireside that we had was so awesome! He came to that as well and he loved it! Oh! I almost forgot, Bob and Lucy came to church to hear Sister Monroe speak, and they also came to the musical fireside- they loved every single minute of all of it! I don't think anything will happen with them anytime soon, but it's just cool to watch them participate in any church activities that we have! 

 Other than that, that is about it! This past week was great and this week is going to be another great week! Sister Monroe is incredible! She is doing pretty good and we are working on helping her with confidence in herself so she can recognize all the good things that she is doing! It doesn't seem like she is as homesick anymore, so that is pretty good! I think trainer trainee really helped because she was able to see sister Mecham (MTC comp, and everyone else she came out with) again! Thank you for all the support you give me! I love you to pieces!!! 

Sister Rook 

Sister Mattson gave us girl scout cookies! They were so good, and we were so happy! 

Trainer Trainee! Sister Cutler, Sister Mecham (Sis Monroe's MTC comp) and us! 

Carrie! She is the sweetest human you will ever meet! 

Sister Harlan made us Indian fry bread!!! And we had tacos on it! It was soooo goood!!!

This is Virginia!! She was the first door Sister Monroe ever knocked on! She wasn't in our area so we had to pass her off but now she is baptized!!! 


Bob and Lucy at the Musical fireside!! 

Elder and Sister Russell! I finally got a picture with both of them! 

Trainer-Trainee meeting!

Musical fireside!

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