Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Monday, March 27, 2017

March, 27, 2017

Hey Ya'll!! 

   This past week has been the best!! So many miracles have happened! It is just incredible to see the hand of the Lord in your everyday life! I think that is one of the best things about the mission- you truly recognize all that he is doing for you and for others around you!
1. We met with one of our less active members, Ilene Lawson, this week and she just has such a crazy life! She is going through some pretty tough things right now, and she suffers from depression so that makes it even worse. She expressed to us that by us coming over she has felt so much peace in her life and she wants to come back to church! She didn't make it to church this week... so that was disappointing, but we are seeing her again this week and we planned it at a time that her less active kids will be there as well so that we could meet them and help them as well! We are so excited! When experiences like that happen it really shows that the how to begin teaching bullet points are true, that the gospel brings peace into your life, and that even though you may face trials- the gospel will help you get through them! 

2. We had dinner with the Claycomb family this week, and they had invited their neighbor, Talia, to come eat with us! She is about 10 years old and has been coming to church with them pretty much every week! She has such a strong desire to be baptized! She is asking her parents this week if she would be able to start taking the lessons! So we are super excited about that! It is the best when members participate in missionary work- because that's how it should be!

3. We also had dinner with the Guerrero family! They are an active family, but whenever we eat with them they invite their whole family over! Most all of their kids are less active, so it was awesome! We are starting to work with Aaron Fuhlrodt, we really want to teach his kids and every time we have dinner with their family, he opens up a little bit more! It is incredible!! Sister Monroe and I felt inspired to teach them the Message of the Restoration and it was absolutely perfect because it gave them the opportunity to reflect back on their baptism!!

4. We also went and saw Carmilla, the referral from Brother Bruun, and it is such a miracle! So in Chalco Hills Sister Bengtzen and I were  teaching this Micronesian guy named Sammi. He lived with his mom and she would always answer the door but she would pretend that she didn't understand English because she didn't want to hear the lessons. Turns out... Carmilla is Sammi's mom! Now she doesn't pretend that she doesn't know English, and she wants to hear all the lessons! We are going over later this week to explain the whole situation to her about being baptized. I'm sure she will be a little disappointed, but I know and have the faith that she will understand and she will still continue to want to learn more!

   Those are the main miracles for this week! Eagle Run is doing so good! So many crazy things are happening here... something is happening!!! I sure hope it is good :D


We had zone conference this past week and afterwards we had Zone Olympics, and I was determined to win something! Haha so I decided to try the curl up thingys where you have 15 pound weights and you lift them up one at a time... well the sister who was winning had done 80 reps... and like I said I was determined to win... so I did 85 reps of 15 pound weights, and oh my heck... my arms have never been so sore in their life! Haha it is so hard to straighten my arms! I guess that's the consequence of being competitive! Haha! 

We shared this scripture with one of our investigators this week and I ABSOLUTELY love it so so much!! it is... 2 Nephi 22:2, "Behold, God is my Salvation;I will trust and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he has also become my salvation." I love this scripture because it just shows that we have to trust in our Savior, Jesus Christ. No matter what happens, whether we find people to teach, or our investigators progress or hard times come our way. As long as we put our whole faith and trust in the Savior, we know that everything will work out because Jesus Christ will never leave us helpless or alone! Well, Time is up but I love y'all so much! and I hope you all have the best week ever!!! 

Sister Rook

Omaha Zone!!! 

Awkward birthday banner pic haha 

 Sister Monroe and I!! 

NOM Olympics!

Us being crazy! haha 

We bought matching shirts!! 

President and Sister Gardner!!

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