Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

Hey Y'all!  

   How have y'all been? This past week has been so good! It is incredible to be able to hear our Prophet speak, and to witness all the miracles that are happening in our lives! It just makes my heart super happy!!  


1. We did some service for our less active member, Ilene Lawson, then we were able to watch the Prince of Peace video with her! It was incredible to feel the spirit come into her home so strongly as we watched that video and then talked about different ways that Christ could bring peace into her life. One of the ideas she said was to watch general conference! She has pretty bad anxiety so she watched it at home rather than coming to the church building, but she said she absolutely loves it!! She also wants to start coming back to church, so we are working on that with her! 

2. We saw Carmilla again this week and we were able to type up why she should wait to be baptized until August, so hopefully that will help her to understand why. She has such a strong faith in Christ and such a strong desire to follow him! We are excited to see where she will go and how she will change in the time leading up to August!

3. We met with our investigator Mary Lentz a couple of times this week. She is set for baptism on April 22nd! We were teaching the Word of Wisdom and she told us that she was still drinking de-caf coffee because the sisters in the past that taught her said that was okay... we clarified more as we taught the Word of Wisdom, and she made the decision that she was going to stop drinking it right away! So now she is sticking to her herbal tea! It is incredible to see the changes in her life that she is making, because she knows how important it is to be obedient to the commandments! We are so so excited for her!! 

4. One of the lost sheep that we found, Brother Shouveiller, found us an investigator!! Turns out she was actually a former investigator that was taught before! So that was pretty cool to find that out! She has some mental health problems, but she is still totally accountable!! So we are excited to work with her more!! 

5. Another less active member in our ward, Amber Riggs, was able to go to the family history center! She hasn't been there in such a long time but she finally made time to go and she was so incredibly happy! She called us afterward when she was done, and she was just exclaiming about how much she loved it and that she wanted to do it again! We know she felt the Spirit of Elijah, and it was incredible to so clearly see that! It really made my heart so happy!!! 

   General Conference was so incredible! I absolutely loved Elder Russel M. Nelson's talk. It really made me reflect on how much I need my Savior in my life and just how much everyone needs him in their life. I have loved this past transfer with Sister Monroe because that has been one of our main focus' is focusing totally on our Savior. It is incredible to see the miracles that have happened from doing so, and to be able to feel the love that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for not only us, but all the people that we are working with. I invite each of you to ponder some ways that you can make Christ the center of your lives, whether that is striving to have more sincere prayers, or a more diligent scripture study, or lastly striving to keep the commandments with your whole heart, might, mind an strength. I am so grateful to have been called to the Nebraska Omaha Mission, to be able to serve all of these people, and most importantly our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for the special time that I have to be able to come so much closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ. Being out here just fills my heart with complete joy!! I promise all of you that as you strive to come closer to Christ, you will be able to feel his love for you and for others around you! 

   Well. I think that is about it for this week! I love y'all so much! I hope y'all have the best week possible!!! 


Sister Rook 

District Meeting!!! 

I'm not really sure what is happening in this picture... we had lunch at the church building... and we hadn't taken a picture that day yet haha 

Random selfie in the car #sorrynotsorrythatIlooklikeahobo #missionlife

My cute companion and I :D 

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