Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

January 20, 2017

Hey Fam!! 

   This week was just incredible!! So many good things happened! Ahh! I just love everything that has to do with missionary work! I love how people recognize that the gospel actually can and will bless them in their lives and families! I just want to be able to find and talk with any family that I can! 
   So starting with our investigator Scott. He was actually baptized! Wow! The week leading up to his baptism we visited or called him everyday and had a brief lesson with him to prepare him for his baptism and I know that helped him so much! He is nervous about receiving a calling but we just keep reassuring him that it will be small and that the Lord needs his help! He is so willing to serve in any way that he can, he is so excited to be able to help clean the church building and participate in helping a less active member who is moving! It is just incredible to see how much the members make a difference when they fellowship the investigators! You can tell he feels so welcome and comfortable in this ward! His baptism was incredible! You could feel the spirit so strongly. After he was baptized and was getting changed Sister Preator and I taught he Restoration. It was just incredible feeling the spirit that was there! So many missionaries were there and it was just incredible to see them with their investigators! 
   With our other investigator Sandi, she is doing awesome! We had a lesson with her on the Law of Chastity. When we handed her the pamphlet she opened it right up and she started flipping out! She was just so worried that she was going to get in trouble because she had been living with her boyfriend. Her first concern wasn't that she couldn't be baptized but that she wouldn't be able to be with Jose anymore. She has been with him for 9 years! That is crazy! There had been a miscommunication the whole time because they both thought that the other didn't want to get married! So in that lesson we committed her to pray to know how to bring it up to Jose, and about an hour later... we received a text from her saying that they were getting married! It was the happiest thing! It really just filled Sister Preator and I with such Joy!! when we got that text we were out finding families and we may have been a little bit loud with our excitement. We don't think anyone actually heard us...we were just too excited to contain ourselves! Another cool thing that happened with Sandi- She gave us her mom as a referral at the Trail Center, so we sent it to her local missionaries and now she is being taught! But not only that, but Sandi's mom called her! They haven't spoken in a couple of years! Sandi is already recognizing that the gospel is blessing her life so much!! It is incredible to see the changes that she is making in her life to come closer to her Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, it just fills me with delight!
   Other than that I think that is pretty much it! This week was so good! And I know that next week is going to be even better! Thank you for all the support you give me! I love y'all to pieces!! 


Sister Rook 

Sister cope's final Trail Center Saturday send off!

Winter Quarters Temple and Trail Center Visitors Center


Scott and his family! 

All the missionaries who taught Scott, also all of Sister Preator's companions!

 Cathy is just the cutest!! 

Our investigator Carrie!!! I love her to pieces!!! 

More pics of the slides and the Pedestrian Bridge we visited on Pday on January 30!

Lucy, our host mom!

The Young Women gave us roses for Valentine's Day!

Playing Tenzi!

Lucy surprised us with my mom's lasagna recipe, one of my favorites!

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