Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 30, 2017

Sister Rook might be a little cray.. but I'm pretty sure thats not a surprise to anyone...

Hey Y'all

This week was alright. We definitely saw a lot of miracles though!! So that was pretty neat!  My favorite one probably happened yesterday! His name was Ethan. Yesterday we were out finding and there was a group of people outside having a Memorial Day party (they were YSA age), I jokingly said to Sister Bringhurst... we're going to crash their party!! We were walking towards that direction and we were planning on talking to them all along. We said hi to them and they weren't interested, so we left them with a card with our number on it and church services- we gave it to the person who lived there, and his name was Ethan. As we left I got the impression that Ethan needed a copy of the Book of Mormon. I didn't know why or how we were going to give it to him because he obviously wasn't interested. I shrugged off the prompting and continued talking to everyone we saw. With every person we talked to my mind was brought back to Ethan and we soon found out that we had passed by his house about 4 times walking back and forth because of the different people that were outside. It was kind of funny because we were literally crashing their party because they saw us so much. Eventually I told Sister Bringhurst that we needed to give Ethan a Book of Mormon and she was a little hesitant to do so because it was a pretty awkward situation. We finally just did it and he accepted it! He was super thankful that we stopped by and dropped it off, his group of friends that he was with made fun of him a little bit, but he didn't let that stop him. We are going to be trying him again later this week! We are pretty excited!  That is the main miracle of the week! 

As for Sister Rook.... she is a little crazy... let me tell y'all a little story to explain! Her first Sunday here in Lincoln she had dinner with a less active member. Her name is Sister Millikan and she is the sweetest human ever! Sister Millikan LOVES doing hair. After dinner we shared a message with her and as we were committing her to come to church, out of nowhere Sister Rook made a deal with her... a deal that if Sister Millikan came to church... Sister Rook would let her dye her hair... crazy stuff man! I have no idea where that came from or why I said it! I am terrified of getting my hair dyed unless it is by my sister Megan! So that was a little cray! So yesterday... Sister Rook got her hair dyed, and Sister Millikan is coming to Stake Conference on Sunday! Little does she know... she is going to be reactivated!! So that's the crazy story of Sister Rook this week! :D  You gotta go big or go home with people's salvation on the line!  

Well, that is pretty much it! Everyone here in Lincoln either thinks I'm crazy... or that I am a spaz...  so it has been pretty fun! Well, time is basically out- I've got to go! But I miss and love y'all to pieces!! 

Sister Rook

We went to the Trail Center with our investigator Jeff!!! 

The Arabic family we are teaching!! I absolutely love them!! 

Our last day with our recent convert kathy... she is moving D: 

Our Creighton shirts that Joe got us!!! 

I don't really know what is going on in this pic :)

This was so happy!!  

The bag was in Pig Latin... so we translated the bag for everyone to read! haha 

It was Sister Gurr's birthday!! So we surprised her in the morning by making pancakes!! And having a party! They live right bellow us

Five minutes of fun! 

This is for Sister Monroe :D 


Pday selfie... before my hair got colored!! 



Part 2 of during. 


Here is a better pic! 
It's not very different, she put low lights, dyed it (dark brown) and hi lights in my hair, kinda fun!  

At a baptism on Saturday.

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