Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 10, 2017

Methodists and Mormons at a Catholic Fish-fry.... say whaaaat?

 Hi Everyone!!! 

Wow. This week was pretty incredible! So many different things happened! So many people were at church, we visited a ton of people this week, it was just happy! 

Here are some of the miracles from this past week that I just absolutely loved!! 

1. Mary Lentz, our investigator, is doing incredible! She is still set for April 22, and she is so excited!! In every lesson, and every text or phone call she mentions baptism and how taking the lessons is helping her to change! She is doing awesome with not smoking and not drinking coffee/tea despite what her family members do or say to her. She is so strong, and she is truly being converted to Christ and the Book of Mormon, not the missionaries! That is so comforting to me! 

2. Sandi Hammon, our other investigator, is doing incredible!! She loves this gospel so much! She absolutely loves having us over and teaching her the lessons- then after we leave she learns so much more because she searches everything on to learn more about it! Her "boyfriend" is most likely moving out in June, so she is planning on being baptized then. She knows it is going to be tough to not live with him or be with him anymore, but she definitely recognizes the blessings that are coming from it. She is just so awesome! I just love her so much it is insane! 

3. The Elders in our ward gave a priesthood blessing to our investigator, Carrie, sadly she relapsed and she was going to jail the next day for about 3 days. It is so hard- she wants to live the gospel and be obedient to all the commandments, but she keeps getting these triggers to do drugs or to drink alcohol and she is not letting Christ help her. She also isn't mentally all there- but she is definitely all there to know what she is doing is wrong. She will probably be moving to another group home as well, so we will have to pass her off to the missionaries in her area. But the blessing that the elders gave her was incredible! It helped Carrie so much and so we are praying that she will remember it and she will apply it in her life! 

4. We met with Tatiana again this week. The first time we met with her she opened up to us so much about how she was loosing her faith and how she didn't know if she believed in God anymore. We told her that we would come back later in the week after we had thought about what she had said. We came back and she was earnestly seeking to receive an answer if there was a God. She told us she had the desire to pray, and that that hadn't happened in such a long time. Then on Sunday she actually came to church! She stayed for gospel principles and she was taking it very seriously, which hardly ever happens.She came with prepared questions that she wanted to ask and her questions were incredible! It just showed us that she does have real intent if knowing this church is true and she really wants to know how she can regain her faith and her testimony. We are going to be focusing on her questions, and how she can regain her faith this week! We are pretty excited!! 

5. Bob and Lucy, the people we live with, invited us to go to a Catholic fish fry on Friday! I guess that church had one to celebrate Lent? It was super interesting! None of us are Catholic, because they are Methodist, and everyone just kept on staring at us because of our name tags! Most funniest thing ever! And... people were drinking there as well! It was so crazy! haha 

Well, I think that is about it! I love y'all to pieces!! Have the best week ever!!! 

Sister Rook

Going to the zoo!


Sis. Monroe is terrified of Butterflies... this is us in the butterfly exhibit! haha She survived!! 

The Sisters in their natural habitat #desertlife 

My sister Lacey sent me a belated birthday package!!! It made my day!!! 

Five minutes of fun... it was taking a break from our deep clean :D 

Lunch with Sandi and Paula hehehe

More pics with them, Sandi is the one on the end. 

Pic with the fish fry sign... since it is missionary illegal to take a pic in front of the church haha 

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