Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tuesday December 20, 2016

Hey Fam! 

 Whats up?! How are you all doing?! It is so crazy to think that Christmas is less than a week away!!!  It is so exciting!!! Well, this email is going to be pretty short because I feel like not a lot has happened this week... 


1. We finally got a service opportunity! We got to go to the salvation army and help load boxes full of Christmas gifts! Afterwards we got to help decorate for a Christmas party they were having later that night. It was so much fun! 

2. We received a total of 5 referrals this week!!! We got 3 at the Trail Center that we were able to give to other missionaries, and then we received 2 for our area! They are so solid! I am so pumped to teach them! 

Well that is basically all the Miracles for this week :D I have to go... next week will be a waaaay better email and I will have a Christmas message as  well even though it technically won't be Christmas anymore... but that's okay! So I will talk to you all next week!! Love you!!! Super sorry about the super short non descriptive email!!! Have the Best week ever!! Merry Christmas!! 

Sister Rook

We had zone training this week!! 

I was in charge of making all the popcorn for the Christmas party the salvation army was having. It was pretty fun. Now I can say I'm a professional popcorn popper :D 
We are so thankful to have Sister Rook working at the Mormon Trail Center. We are senior missionaries from Palmdale and working here to tell the story of the pioneers at Winter Quarters is a blessing.  Your daughter is an amazing missionary!
These Sisters worked an overbooked clinic tonight and once again were angels to our patients. Words cannot express how much they do and how appreciative we all are of them
Merry Christmas!

Sneak peek of Christmas card 2016..... hehe christmas on the mission is kind of the best thing ever. 

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