Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 31, 2016

So this week I was able to meet a ton of people in our ward. The Pacific Ridges ward is so big that I haven't even met half of the ward members yet... its kind of weird, but that's alright! Anyways everyone who I meet for the first time always says my name is Rock or something else and not Rook so I have to explain that my name is like the chess piece and then they go, "Oh!! I get it now! haha Do you like playing chess?!" Every single time. So I'm getting used to saying that when I meet people now.

Highlights of the week.

Thursday and Friday it was super windy and rainy. There was a tornado watch... but the sirens weren't going off and President hadn't texted us so we just continued working. We were trying a ton of potentials/tracting and we were able to talk to so many people! Everyone who talked to us started freaking out and was like, "Why are you guys outside?! What are you doing?! Get inside now!" It was so awesome! We got six referrals from those two days.

All last week we have been inviting people to attend the Memorial day breakfast! and guess what?! So many nonmembers came!! Super cool!

Yesterday for our p-day we were able to go on a hike with 5 families from our ward!! Well... it wasn't really a hike it was more like a walk but it was still super fun! The hike was in Iowa so it was fun to be out of our area for part of the day.  

Well that is basically it... not much has happened this week... I love and miss you all so much!!


Sister Rook

                 1. we both looked monochromatic.. and I got my selfie stick so I had to use it :)

Our hike!

Group pic of everyone

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