Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

Its starting to feel like summer here and it makes me so happy! It feels so good outside! This past week kinda sucked. Most of our appointments fell through so it was kind of discouraging. This week we were able to teach Derek. Derek has been an investigator for a long time and has decided that he wants to take the lessons again. This was our second lesson with him and it wasn't all that great. He told us that he doesn't believe that prayers can be answered at all and he thinks that the only way to find out if the church is true is to do research from non-lds sources.... so it was pretty difficult. The whole time he was trying to discredit our testimonies so that was pretty interesting. On Saturday we got to see Ben and Eli get baptized! They are the cutest 8 year old boys ever! We have been teaching them the lessons, it was so much fun! This week we were able to help a lot of our ward members and do service for them! We mostly planted tomatoes, it was pretty good. Well that's about it for this week, time is almost out, so I will talk to you guys later!  I love you all!

Sister Rook

1. The clouds looked way cool, the members we were visiting were outside taking pics of them and then we went inside to have a lesson and it starting raining so hard! They said they were "holding us hostage" until it stopped raining, it was pretty funny.

2.   There are wild turkeys here that just walk all over the place. I thought it was so weird!

3. My boots came!! I was so excited!!

4. This is Ben! He one of the boys we taught, he is super cute!

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