Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 27, 2016

Hey Everyone!!! 
Week two as a missionary=a success! This week has been sooo hard, yet sooo rewarding at the same time, and I have loved every single minute of it! Last Wednesday was basically the best day ever! I got to go to the temple, write letters, wear jeans and so many other things! Then we had to teach our investigator at night... and that lesson went terrible! Me and my companion were not teaching by the spirit at all and you could tell, it was so bad! The lesson was just not flowing well, and it seemed like everything that could've gone wrong... went wrong. So after that we both realized that we are not the teachers... the Spirit is, and it should always be the teacher no matter what! So this week that is what we have been mainly focusing on, and it has made such a big difference! Some cool things that happened this week are...
1.Saturday we invited our investigator (Zach) to be baptized... and he said yes!! Go team!! 
2. Also on Friday and Saturday we taught this guy named mike (he was a teacher pretending to be an investigator) and it was so much fun! He thought of some way good questions and we had never taught a lesson like we did with him before. We compared/analyzed two stories and we went totally by the spirit! After we were done teaching him we went into a another room and did our evaluations, and "mike" came in and told us how proud he was of us! He said that no one had ever taught him like that before, and out of all the missionaries that have taught him... he said we were the ones to handle him the best! Yay!! Go team!!   
3. On Sunday, Elder Allen ( Head of missionary department) spoke to us! he is sooo funny! i took so many notes! One funny story is that one day he was at church drinking from the water fountain and this little boy came out of nowhere and he entertained himself for like 30 mins just changing the water pressure and watching the boy get splashed in the face with water hahaha
4. My district joined the MTC choir!!! Yay!!! 
5.On Tuesday Elder Oaks came and spoke to us!! Super good!! The devotional was broadcasted to 15 MTC's around the world... way cool!    
6. I am learning to love my investigators no matter what, and to teach by the spirit... Always!! 
7. Annnnd thats pretty much it! 
I am loving the MTC and this experience so much! Its crazy to think that this is my last p-day in the MTC and that on Monday I will be in Nebraska... saaaay whaaaat?! Anyway... I love and miss you guys so much! And I'll talk to you next week! 

Sister Rook :) 

us on the first night... 

we are so cute! haha jusssst kidddding...!    

  Laast day with Elder Rea... he went home... super sad day! Also sister Priday (she's our teacher in the yellow skirt) she won't be our teacher any more either.... super sad!

Our last day with our teacher Brother McGinn... our district is the "guinna pig" of this new teaching program... it starts tonight... wish us luck! 

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