Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016
Week 4? I think? I'm already losing track!

West Coast Representatives! Haha just kidding this was our last night together... so obviously we had to be gangsters! :) 

(Read the first part as if you were singing the song "don't stop believing" from journey... the beginning of the song)

Just a Cali girl... Living in a Nebraskan world... Took an early flight, to preach the word....

Alright.. That didn't really work out like I thought it would! Anywho I have to catch up 2 weeks of missionary life in one email! Lets do this! :)

First of all... Sorry if I don't respond to you, it seems like I have barely any time to email!

Second... Happy Mothers day!! I hope everyone had the best day possible!! It was so nice being able to skype/call my parents!!  

Our last week at the MTC we got all new teachers. They started up a new English speaking training program and we were the guinea pigs for it! It was good, I loved every teacher that I had in the MTC. It was sad saying bye to my teachers but it was exciting to meet the new teachers!

Has anyone heard of the cereal challenge in the MTC? I hadn't either until we did it! So basically what it is, is your whole district finishes a whole container of one cereal, in the time frame of one meal.... each container holds about 20-30 bags of cereal... And we did it!! I have never eaten cereal that fast before! It was cray cray! Afterwards everyone felt sick.. but I wanted real food.. so I got more food, everyone was pretty shocked.

As for actual missionary work, we taught Ashley, committed her to baptism, and she said she would pray about it, and if she got an answer then she would get baptized!! Yay!! We taught more investigators, and it was pretty hard but I learned the most from those lessons!

The flight to Nebraska!!! So we had to be on the bus on Monday at 2:30am to drive to the airport. From Salt lake City we flew to Minneapolis, then from there we flew to Omaha. I did not sleep at all on the planes or bus rides.. so I was pretty tired.. but that's okay! We stayed in the mission home until Wednesday morning getting some training, Then we got assigned to our first areas and trainers! It was so much fun!  

My Trainer is Sister Wininger, she is from San Diego, and has been out for about 8 months now! Our teaching styles are super different, so we are both adjusting to each other... its kind of hard.. but we'll get over it.

Nebraska is super green, I don't think I have ever seen so much greenery in my life... but it is so pretty!! For the most part Nebraska has nice weather.. except when there is a breeze... which is all the time... then its super cold! Everyone says i'm going to die in the winter here if I think this is cold, so we'll see how that goes! Well I am pretty much out of time... Sorry for the short emails! An hour goes by waaay fast! I have a lot more time to write letters so my address is:

3904 South 181st Street
Omaha Nebraska 68130

I love you and miss you all so much!
Sister Rook

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