Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 10, 2017

Hi Fam! 

This week has been a little crazy with the Fourth of July, exchanges, and going to the temple. It has definitely helped me so much and I am so grateful for the spiritual guidance I have received! 

Sister Banks! 
She is doing awesome! She is a little reluctant to do 12 week, but so are a lot of other missionaries when they come out here. So we do it, and I hope she is learning something from it! On exchanges Sister Bengtzen and Neuberger did it with us and I think it helped her to realize that not only her crazy trainer wants to do 12 week but so do other people! The STL's will be doing 12 week with us on Thursday as well, so hopefully it will help her! I know it is helping me! Exchanges were really good for Sister Banks. She was able to learn so much from Sister Bengtzen and from the people that she taught. Also, on Friday while we were at the temple, Sister Banks was with Sister Uffens, and they were absolutely incredible! They talked to everyone they saw and they taught so many restoration lessons! They saw so many miracles together, and they were able to set goals for themselves of what kind of missionaries they wanted to be! Overall, Sister Banks is doing great, she's not homesick, she is so diligent and she wants to be obedient! I am so happy that she is my companion- she is just incredible! 

Highlights of the week!
1. 4th of July!! It was our P-day, and we were able to go with our investigators, Matt and Cindy, to a member in the Holmes Lake ward. They put on this huge "ward party" and we were able to go even though it wasn't our ward! It was so much fun! Right when we got out of the car a car with two companionship's of elders drove by, we had no idea they were going to be there as well, so it was a little awk, but we got over it! Sister Banks taught me how to throw a football, and I have to brag a little bit... she said my spirals were straight gold haha! 

2. Exchanges!! I was with Sister Neuberger and it was a blast! I just love her so much and It was so awesome being with her- I definitely learned a ton and for that I will be forever grateful!!. 

3. I got to go to the temple on Friday because I passed off level two of the scriptures we can memorize! It was so awesome being able to go there!! 

This week we did a lot of finding and no one was interested at all- it was pretty strange. I was used to that from being in Omaha, but I haven't really experienced that in Lincoln yet, so this upcoming week will  be so much better and we both have the faith that we are going to find people to teach and that we will be able to set them for baptism, and they will be able to come to church! 

In my studies this week I am in Alma chapter 52, and in this chapter Moroni was very strategic (he always is) about how he was going to win over the Lamanite's territory that they had overtaken. He made sure that all of his men were well rested and that they were always " fresh" . It made me think of ways that I can help myself to always be fresh and not be weary throughout the day. And it also gave me the opportunity to ponder about our investigators to help them be more fresh throughout the week, so they can truly be prepared to have spiritual experiences. As a part of my forty day fast I have picked 7 weaknesses that I want to change. So I focus on one weakness per week. On Sunday nights I plan out my studies for that week (a specific question for everyday) and then on Sunday I am able to take that weakness to the sacrament table and hand it over to the Lord. It has been so awesome to do and it has truly helped my studies even more. I am really able to feast upon the words of Christ, and be filled everyday! This was something Sister Neuberger and Sister Bengtzen have been doing as well! 

Well that is pretty much it! Thank you for all you do President! I love you! 


Sister Rook  


More exchange pics 

Temple trip 

My Best friend is getting married!!!! 

Tryin to teach Sister Banks how to be a  thug... it didn't really work haha

4th of July breakfast with our ward!!

Photo Shoot!! 

More pics! 

One last one of me haha 

Mat and Cindy Lawson! 

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