Sister Rook

Sister Rook

Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016

Hey Everyone!

 This past week was transfers... and guess what?! I got Transferred! Well actually both Sister Wininger and I did... we had to close the area which is super sad... but hopefully in 6 weeks there will be missionaries in the Pacific Ridges ward again! With that being said I am now in the Chalco Hills ward and my new companion is Sister Gershin! She is great, she is a little loud and crazy but that's okay because I'm kind of the same way :) Sister Wininger got transferred to Phillipsberg, Kansas and she is with my MTC companion Sister Draney! I am so excited for the both of them! I absolutely love them both to pieces! It was so sad having to say bye to sister Wininger, I love her so much, but we'll see each other again! Since getting here on Wednesday, we already set 2 people for baptism! It was literally the most exciting thing ever! I loved it! We have seen sooo many miracles as well! Yesterday we got a media referral and it said to call them before we went over but it didn't give us a number to contact them, just the number of the people who gave us a referral, so we called it and it ended up being some Elders in the Oregon, Salam mission! And guess what?! His cousin is in the Pacific Ridges ward! It was so cool! We are super excited about the referral, Dave and Kelly Lonas. From what the Elders said they sound super solid so Sister Gershin and I are so stoked!! The Chalco Hills area is a lot more humbled than Pacific Ridges... so I had a bit of a culture shock... but that's okay, I'm pretty much used to it now! For P-Day today we are going to the zoo! So that will be super fun! Well I can't really think of anything else to say! I love you all so much!!! Talk to you later!! 
Sister Rook :D

P.S. I got a new address! You should definitely write me!! My new address is....

Sister Rook
7007 S 145st #12

Omaha NE 68131   

Our ward mission leader and his family! I absolutely love them to pieces! They are incredible!!

Our last night with Sister Gudjenov, the member who we were living with.


Sister Wininger!!

Of course we had to be twins and take a twinning picture!!

My new companion-Sister Gershin!!

More pics of my cute companion and I!

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